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fucinhigh08: ok so it’s my first day i’m walking down the hall in a button down white shirt jeans and white shoes yankees2girl: i’m talking to one of my friends in one of my shortest skirts with those lovely stockings and a low cut tank top showing off my chest and belly fucinhigh08: mmmm fucinhigh08: i walk by staring you up and down as you walk by looking sexy as fuck yankees2girl: i look at you and wink as i continue talking to my friend fucinhigh08: i almost bump into someone as i stare fucinhigh08: as the bell rings i walk into class only to see you sitting there and an empty seat next to you yankees2girl: i stare up at you as i reach down to my bag letting you see clear down my shirt as i lean over fucinhigh08: as i sit i stare down your shirt noticing your tiny tight skimpy bra yankees2girl: i look up "see something you like" i smile as i put on lip gloss fucinhigh08: i look at you sexy right in the eyes

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. . Everything about her was petite, so it took time and patience to get my cock fully buried in her passage

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Beautiful IR - slave baptism

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